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business coaching in organisations

Business Coaching in Organisations

Business Coaching can include:


Team coaching

We work with existing or newly formed teams to facilitate an effective and collaborative environment to create high-functioning teams who strive together and achieve great results for your business.


Top talent coaching

Ensure you retain, attract and grow your top talent. We can provide coaching for talented individuals at key transition points in their lives proves to help them better support your business. We help businesses develop their talented people through tailored 1-1 coaching, team coaching or training.

leadership coaching

Leadership coaching

We work with established and emerging leaders to help the organisations get the very best leadership and support for each other.


Coaching women to lead

Do you have outstanding women in your company who need support to develop their skills and confidence? We know that a gender rich partnership (50 % women) could have 11 % greater gross revenue per partner than an all-male one.


Onboarding coaching

The first 90 days are crucial for a new employee settling into a company, learning corporate ethos and contributing to company goals. We can support you and them before and during their first 90 days to help them have a smooth transition into their role and encourage long term commitment to the company.


Managing millenials

Getting the most out of your millennials is key to your business success and requires a modern style of leadership and understanding of this generation to support and inspire them to create great results for your business.


Make a change/career transition

Whether it’s exploring your current options, developing a career plan, preparing for a promotion, a change within your industry or a total career change, we will help you clarify exactly what you want and help you make the change. We can also help you:

  • Polish up your interview technique, create a stand-out CV and build an outstanding LinkedIn profile
  • Distinguish yourself and further develop your skills


We can support you in enhancing the quality of your time at work and at home. Learn the most effective tools in how to:

  • Prioritise
  • Skilfully manage scheduling
  • Feel good about your choices and actively develop them

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