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Journalistic Support & Voiceover Services

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Tereza provides regular TV reports and political analysis for our station, often live on air to an audience of around one million people. Her reports are always interesting, insightful and engaging and she always has an interesting angle that we can use.
Jitka Obzinova, Head of News at Prima TV, Prague, Czech Republic

Journalistic Support

Tereza is a former TV news reporter, TV presenter, radio broadcaster and a current PR professional with over 17 years of experience as a media expert.

During her 13 years with Prima TV, Tereza worked closely with and interviewed Czech and world politicians on a daily basis. She accompanied the Czech Prime Minister to the White House to cover his Presidential meetings, and asked President Barack Obama questions for her news channel both in the Oval Office and in during his state visits to the Czech Republic.

In her role with Czech Prima TV, Tereza created independent reports for daytime TV programmes, completed regular voiceover work and she has written political and women's columns for magazines and political interest websites.


Voiceover Services

Tereza is a native Czech speaker, who does voiceovers in both Czech and English languages. She has also contacts to leading London agencies and can provide any languages you might need to supply your demand.

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